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Herbal Fat Burner ( උදර මට්ටු )


A 100% herbal powder (choorna) to reduce excess fat,tummy,cholesterol that assures you of a slim and healthy body and lifestyle.

Product Description

How to use

  • Get the appropriate dose of this powder and mix it with hot water.
  • Allow to brew(like tea)
  • Strain and drink
  • Dose-
  • 1tablespoon:Less than 80kg, 2 tablespoons: More that 80kg


  • Reduces excess body fat and makes you slim.
  • Cures cholesterol, pressure and reduces stress
  • Relaxes your body.
  • Increases body immunity and keeps you healthy


  • This can be either used has a herbal drink or applied on the belly mixed with hot water as a paste


  • Curry Leaves,Garlic,Tamarind,Minchi Leaves,Gamboge




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    This product is superb… My tummy got slim and fit.i am extremely happy about this product too……….

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      Thank you!

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