dum hattiya
dum hattiyagreen herbal dum hattiyadum hattiya

පාරම්පරික හෙල වෙද දුම් හට්ටිය (Steam Pot)


A herbal steam pot(දුම් හට්ටිය) that destroys all viruses and germs and increases body immunity.

Product Description

Generational Sri Lankan indigenous medicine “Steam Pot” from Green Herbal Products Private Limited. (දුම් හට්ටිය)

Ingredients: Adathoda, Nika leaves, Maduruthala(Tulsi) Lime leaves, Cinnamon ,Beli leaves ,Corriander,Elabatu.

Benefits: Destroys all viruses and germs.
Improves body immunity.
Eases respiration.
Cures phlegm and cough.

Method :Get a clay pot and fill 3/4 of water. Let it boil well and put this steam packet. Close the lid and let it boil for 5 minutes. Get a rough cloth to wrap around and open the lid of the pot and inhale the steam. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Steam until the forehead starts to sweat. Later let the sweat dry off naturally.

This is an indigenous medicinal recipe that is handed down and proven for over generations. The goodness of the herbs is protected hundred percent due to usage of air conditioning technology under 55 degree Celsius to dry them. It is produced under the supervision of indigenous doctors.

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Additional Information

Weight 200g g


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