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Keshamula Thayilaya (Hair Pack)


A valuable herbal oil made from pure sesame oil to blacken hair naturally.

Following audio has instructions to use the Hair pack. 👇

Product Description

  1. Keshamula Thayilaya
  2. Keshamula Tharalaya
  3. Herbal Black Hair
  4. Kumbuk Shampoo
  • This pack is only directly delivered to your doorstep via courier.
  • Delivery charge free.
  • To order please contact – 0775507381 / 0779141347

Ingredients – Pure Sesame oil,Kapukinissa,Keekiridiya,Nil awariya  and a collection of valuable herbs


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    I am 41 years male had Dandruff for the last 30 years. I used many shampoos and western medicine, but those could not cure Dandruff. After using this Pack, my dandruff menace stopped within a weeks time. It self is a great relief for me. Now I am waiting till my hair gets black. I ll confirm after results. Good work Green Herbal. Keep it up. Theruwan Saranai.

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