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Herbal Muhunamal Toothpaste


A 100% herbal toothpaste that whitens teeth,reduces discoloration,cures oral diseases and keeps your mouth fresh throughout the day.

Product Description

How to use

  • Brush twice a day


  • Muhunamal,Kumbuk,Sesame,Sinnakaram,Idda,Cardomoms,Adathoda,Nika,Rasakinda


  • Whitens your teeth
  • Gives your mouth a fresh odor.
  • Clears all stains
  • Cures gum diseases
  • Prevents mouth cancer.
  • Cures flem in throat


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    It’s a great tooth application. I am impressed with it. I feel better than the sensodine I use right now. Keep the good work Green Herbal. Theruwan Saranai.

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